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Thursday, May 24, 2018

News, Views, Etc . . . Housekeeping!

Gog (Toys From The Past) posted that the latest issue of Figuras en Action (Action Figures) is now available as a free download from the dedicated blog, I had originally downloaded a few at the start (issue one published the same month I started Blogging!) then rather let it slip, but you can still download all 18 issues (as I just have), and don't let the title fool you, although it's all in Spanish there is plenty of smaller figure or plastic 'solids' stuff in there, this 80-page issue (for free!) has Comics Spain's fantasy D&D figures, Yolanda/Kellogg's basketball players and Sobre Sopresa envelop-artwork for a start, while the previous issue covered Comansi sets and Chambourcy premiums.


Don’t forget it's Potter's Sandown Park Toy Fair this Saturday, if you are travelling down from the West (M4/A4 corridor, or A34) you could pop-in to Didcot on the way, or on the way back!

Barry Potter (BP Fairs)
Sandown Exhibition Centre, Sandown Park Racecourse,
Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ
01604 846 688
07966 527 177

Ronnie Davis (Retro Ronnie Toy Fairs)
Civic Hall, Didcot, OX11 7JN
07708 385 061
07900 266 427


Toys in the Media! Boosted (geddit!) robot of the old school variety flogging a financial services 'product'! The irony is - he looks quite worried by the prospect.


I have added some info to the HR Products entry in the A-Z adding details and a link to Grace's Guide which pushes the dates of their carrying-out business back a few years, adds some location details and a link to the other site. I am intending to do more with the A-Z's now, especially after everything comes out of storage in a couple of months, it will be a winter 'project'!

Normal-service here at Small Scale World may resume next week sometime - it may not!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

News, Views Etc . . . Not Really Resting!

I've added some listings and company details to the Selcol-Selmer page and edited it a bit . . . and yesterday found this useful stash of stuff on downloadable/savable .pdf files;

Canadian Museum of History - toy catalogues.

Now I'm off to enjoy the last of today's sun in the garden . . . Ray! Gardening . . . not-so-ray! Well, I love gardening, but it's bramble-pulling this 'arvo! And nettles!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

News, Views, Etc . . . Video Editing

It seems 'more haste less speed' was the order of the hour on Saturday night - an order I missed in the rush! As a result there were one or two typos to be ironed out, which I have done, but only by replacing the video and re-annotating the link . . . it now has a typo on the opening credits! I can't be arsed to sort it out again now, it's a hour I haven't got, but if you bookmarked the old one, you'll need to do a new one!

Technically I'm still on a break/sabbatical/hiatus, but here's a slide-show of some of last weeks sunny shenanigans.

I said I'd see "...what happens in the next few days...", and what happened was what I thought would, as a result there will be a few changes going forward.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

N is for 'Nother News Flash! Charben's Tome Hits the Libraries of Britian!

The other news today was a new 'Special Publication' from the show's organisers, Plastic Warrior, It's really quite awesome and full review with be forthcoming in a week or two . . . which is all the time you need because it sold-out today!

Unlike previous editions of the Charbens 'check list', this is a book-bound (flat-spine) tome, with an absolute wealth of information and illustrations, most in glorious technimacolishiousness!

Further details - but give them a fortnight to print some more first!


N is for Newsflash! New Replicants Figures Hit the Streets . . . or should that be 'Hit the Plains'!

The new figures from Replicants were on show today and wow, what a line-up, available from Steve Weston's - presumably from tomorrow - if you didn't manage to make it to the show.

Here's a little preview I knocked-up this ar'vo! I will hopefully do a better review later in the week or the week after maybe, so much to do!

G is for Going to Hell in a Handcart!

When I suggested that the orange Brillo-pad was probably in line for a Nobel Peace Prize the other day, I hadn't anticipated that my own execrable Foreign Secretary (who seems to share a barber with Trumpton) would be suggesting it, live, on trash-telly!

Nor that - less than 48-hours later - the tangerine twerp would be hinting at getting one (a Nobel) himself, a day after he made the likelihood of World War III starting in the Middle-east all the more likely!

While his 'World Peace' Deal' is with a man (Kim Jong-Un) who killed his uncle at point-blank . . .  with an anti-aircraft gun, and had his brother assassinated in public!

You can't make this shit up, the world is rudderless and going stark staring mad!

Listening to Trump on Thursday night was remarkably like listening to Hitler; the way he was stoking the rabble to hate the press (a free press in a free country), to hate members of the previous administration, to distrust the only support systems they have, is exactly how Hitler took power from the organs of state and concentrated them in himself.

And:-  to the idiot who suggested the other day I shouldn't keep commenting on his President - I'll stop commenting on the orange-loon when he stops talking about Britain and France as if they are blood-soaked war zones, when they are not!

The idea that if the French had U.S. gun-ownership levels, 120 people could have been saved in  Paris was patent nonsense;

1 - There is no guarantee anyone would have stopped the terrorists anyway, after all - no one stops the school shootings in a country that does have those levels of firearm ownership?

2 - Those levels of gun ownership bring with them so many background deaths, he seems to have been suggesting that in order to [possibly] save 120 people, once in a blue moon, France would have to accept 5, 10, 20,000 deaths? Per year - every year?

The man's nuts! So's our Foreign Secretary.

I see Ollie' North (or is it 'oily') got himself a new lucrative income as overseer of the program to cull the national population with legally-held firearms! Really - you can't make it up.

P is for Position Still Open!

Bit of fun . . .

You were right who-ever-it-was - I will get better! There's going to be some changes around here in 2018!

N is for Never Mind! Better Luck Next Year!

If you haven't made it to Twicker's for more pressing reasons, but want a consolation nearer home there is a Comic Convention in Cardiff today and there are toy shows in Nelson Treeharris (I can't believe that's a 'place'!); Llancaiach Fawr Mansion (model railways, Contact Martyn Parry - 07990 752102) or Oxford; Exeter Hall (general toy fair, Richard Atkins Toy fairs - 01869 347489) that you may be able to sneak away to for an hour or so!

No news on any new PW 'Specials' this year? If there are any I'll let you know ASAP!

Stop Press
As I was loading this (in a rush on Friday), I got an eMail from Terranova with the best plastic-warrior ever - for Plastic Warrior Day - of course!

Marvel and DC on the same packaging, with a light-sabre and no license! Knock-off's don't come much more sublime than this, cheers Brian!

Details / Links

Richard Atkins Toy Fair
12/05/2018 - 12/05/2018
10.30am - 3pm Exeter Hall, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 1AB, United Kingdom
01869 347489

Friday, May 11, 2018

1 is for Less than a Day!

It's tomorrow!

Hope you make it, the weather - I think - is going to be perfect; fine, but not as hot as the recent bank-holiday weekend.

I was just thinking; of all the shows I've attended, a couple have been wet, one (the last at Richmond?) was showery with warm sun steaming the puddles between showers, and a few have had misty/drizzly, slightly chilly starts, clearing later, but most have been nice days I think? Perhaps I'm remembering them through the rose-tinted spectacles of show-plunder memories!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

2 is for Almost Tomorrow! But Not Quite!

Best show in the calendar is less than 48-hours away, but you need to get there to be there! Sort of dealt with the roads yesterday, but for those not driving, there are all the benefits of Public Transport . . . groan!

Train Travel
Well served by stations, but Whitton is the one to aim for as it's only a couple of minutes walk away from the venue. SouthWestern Railways' site is here for updates and double checking. Since taking over the franchise they have had some minor industrial action, but there's nothing ongoing at the moment, although two other rail companies had strikes today (Wed. 9th) so best to check the link.

Directions from PW's page -

From Central London and the South of England
By overground train (South Western Railways) from Waterloo or Clapham Junction to Whitton Station.  There are 8 trains an hour and the journey time is approx. 30 minutes, this is a loop line so 4 trains an hour run from two different platforms at Waterloo Station. 

From the North of England
By train to London arriving at Kings Cross St. Pancras or Euston. take the London Underground Victoria line just 6 stops to Vauxhall and change for South Western Railways to Whitton Station as above.   Whitton Station is just 3 minutes walk from the Winning Post - turn left out of the station past Jubilee Avenue and Pauline Crescent, the next turning on your left is the entrance to the Winning Post.

The Near-Clapham Omnibus and Other Charabancs
This is the National Rail bus-plan/local amenities poster for Whitton which you can download as a .pdf file and print-out.

While local bus details are available here, and give the following buses as local click on each for timetable); PW recommends the H22 from Richmond if you use the Tube (Metro, U-Bahn, Underground) for the rest of your journey out of the city.

Viewpoint pulled-out a bit. I am reliably informed you can also get a taxi-cab from anywhere within the European Union, direct to the door of the Winning Post! Hire cars are available, try car-share . . . bicycle . . . Run!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

3 is for . . . Err . . . Less Than a Week? Bargain!

As you can't have missed if you're on the internet, the 33rd Plastic Warrior show for collectable toy soldiers and model figures is this coming Saturday in the Harlequin Suite, at the Winning Post public house (Fayre Square) and Motel (Premier Inn), in Whitton on the edge of Twickenham, south-east London.

The Map! Actually I think I've cropped it better in the past, but hey-ho! The venue is less than 2-minutes walk from Whitton railway station, well served with buses and can be approached by road from anywhere in the UK! Seriously though - It's on the A316 main-drag into London from the M3, with connections to Hounslow/Heathrow just to the North.

Google Earth - There's plenty of parking (looked at last year) but remember if you are driving, the 316 has a permanent, solid, central reservation for that whole section effectively making it one way in both directions from the Hospital Bridge Road roundabout (bottom left) to the Twickenham High Street roundabout (off the top right-hand corner), so if you are coming out of London you will need to go round and come back up, if you miss it you will have to do the whole loop down to 'Twickers' National Rugby Stadium and back up past The Stoop - home of the Harlequins.

The pub is open from eight, so you can wait in comfort if you get there early, and they serve breakfast 'till 11am, coffee all day and alcohol from eleven  'till late.

PW's page noted there is a cash-machine on site, with more facilities in Whitton village.

This is the sight that you're looking for to turn left, or at least - it is if you're in the wrong lane and bringing a lorry, otherwise look-out for the rendered, white-painted, low, brick-wall!

More Details:-
eMail; pw.editor@ntlworld.com

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

4 is for days away!

Five forgot it was a bank holiday!

 More Details:-
eMail; pw.editor@ntlworld.com

Funny isn't it . . . if I respond - members of the 'old guard' get off the fence on his side; if I don't - he's encouraged to have four pops at me in three weeks? After whining I should leave him alone!! So it seems I'm damned if I defend myself, and damned if I don't? We will see what happens in the next few days, but I am preparing a rebuttal, it will be 12,000 words and x all else +! And I suspect my forecast of damage to the hobby - made in October 2016 - may prove to have been an underestimate of what I thought at the time!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Thursday, May 3, 2018

W is for Who Knew!

Still fighting grime on the streets of Hampshire . . .

♫♩♫ "Call-hall-ling International Rescue!" ♫♩♫

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

F is for Follow-up - Minions

As an eraser follow-up, Terranova sent me the first two images of these the other day, and while having a big putting-away session at the weekend I took the opportunity to take the third image to show the size difference I mentioned the other day.

These are different to the eraser sets we've seen here in the UK (and on the Blog) twice now, having a join mid-way down the face, and larger feet, so I suspect they are a tad larger than the previous sets. Also; I don't remember a lady-Minion, or a Minion in a piny?

All that ninja-action and martial arts crime-fighting has left the mutant turtles looking pretty ropey these days! Cheers Brain.

I'd forgotten the large 'piratical' one; who came in with one of these mixed bags of vinyl/cartoon crud from a charity shop I think, but - as I guessed - the two new key-rings from the other day and the three 'probably Phidal' are sized either side of the earlier erasers.

The films/DVD releases have proven popular over the last five or so years, and as a consequence there is quite a bit of Minion-related stuff out there, figurines - in all sizes - to the fore.

F is for Follow-up - Rubber Capsule Toys

When I popped into that party shop up at Clapham Junction back at the end of January, among the Henbrandt and other bits I grabbed were these two, who are useful only for showing how this stuff 'does the rounds'.

Silicon'rubber 'streatchimal' reptiles, one - a snake - in Henbrandt pack, the other - a lizard - in Giftworks packing, both animals were in both packs in the dispensing tub, but no other sculpts were to be found, although I suspect there is a larger selection in the whole 'set' somewhere?

They are both in that clammy, cold silicon which feels wet; but isn't, and both have the same metallic finish as the Henbrandt and/or Tobar/Hawkin's Bazaar stretchy robots and dinosaurs previously seen here at Small Scale World.

Below them is a spare Henbrandt alien I found in a box of something else for 50p the other day. The second time (previous was a blue egg-head with a squished hand) it's happened; but different venue - I suspect there was a bit of horseplay going on in a warehouse somewhere, and the aliens found their way into other stock boxes as 'incoming' in a surreptitious war between the 'Days' and 'Back-shift' or just between two packing-lines!

This has been sitting around for ages, and isn't all of them - as the other Henbrandt's are missing - the Tobar (top four) differ from the Henbrandt offering in having no paint, all four came from Hawkin's Bazaar.

Paint differences also show with the various smilies out there, some having only eyes - previously tested to destruction! There are also size differences, as these are all from 20p capsule dispensers, clearly some are slightly more value for money than others!

The image also shows how they are stored - with notes where similar figures are in the same bag - and it indicates how the capsule-toy stretchy-aliens and smilies are gathering for the invasion!