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Thursday, April 5, 2018

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior No.170

The first true day of Spring! I saw several Brimstones, but there's a chilly evening breeze getting up now; it's almost like living on an islan . . . oh! Well - big one!

Technically a month behind this time; another bumper issue brings us . . .

* An editorial delivers the potted history of Atlantic's UK-arm and a number of the adverts from the press of the day
* A double-helping of Cherilea begins with Barney Brown's third visit to the early farm animals as he studies the Feeding Horse
* Which is followed promptly by a boxed Cherilea Farm Set from Chris Goodard
* The third part of Adrian Norman's - Scalextric series finds him looking at the TV crew, camera tower and race-starter
* George Nixon digs out old Cereal Offer Ad's from equally-old Eagle comics for Britians Lifeguards (Lifeguard cosmetics?) and Airfix's diminutive 'Combat Group' (Sugar Puffs)
* A Lone Star boxed set of divers is shown from C&T Auction's last auction catalogue
* An old Black and white article on Spanish Conquistador types from Paul Stadinger is resurrected in colour with additional information from Juan Hermida

'What The !&*$?' this quarter is an extended question-fest as;
  •  Joe Bellis asks after a Cowboy and Indians (Segal?) and shows a Riding set he thinks may be Malleable Moulding    
  • There's a Diver and Indians from Daniel Lepers
  • David Pye seeks more info on the Pepsi athletes
  • Brain Petrin asks about his mini caricature bandsmen
  • Brian Carrick has a Quaker Oat's Quaker, a deer and a Grenadier
  • A gondolier in search of a brand is presented by Barney Brown
  • Gian Piero Larizza asks after a paratrooper
  • And Andre Schell is seeking more on his unmarked, fully-boxed fort

* Peter Evans muses on Cherilea/Hugonnet Elizabethans and Francis Drake's additional pose
* There's a feature on the late John Clarke's Diorama's
* This quarter's three-pager is an insightful piece from Colin Penn on Lone Star's production; specifically in white plastic


Regular Features
* 'NEWS and VIEWS and other stuff ' covers
  • The forthcoming Plastic Warrior show
  • GeModels' museum being up for sale
  • More on the Toys R Us saga of woe
  • Plea-for/details on contributions
  • Belgian readers willing to cover Solido
  • Cover beg for info.?
* 'We Know Wot' has Daniel Lepers ID'ing Nardi as being responsible for the previous issue's knight's horse
* 'Book Review' is actually Book Reviews with two tomes covered
  • A precis of Jürgen R. Schüler's Militärisches Spielzeug aus der DDR by Andreas Dittmann make the book look very interesting
  • Alain Thomas's latest work Soldats Plastique, Tome 3 Acedo & JSF is reviewed by the editorial team
* 'Readers Letters' include
  • Bob Legget on Daz/Crescent packaging
  • A. Pedant waxing lyrical on Elastolin's equine maths
  • Owen Hoye with a request for 1:35th Russians to man some kits
  • James Peter Young follows up on the Sally Army band sets . . . with a sorry tale of hungry ants
  • David Pye gives an Antipodean angle on the same Salvation Army sets
  • Andreas Dittman and Daniel Lepers both write in on Koho Knights
  • Another letter seemed both political and at odds with the facts!
* 'What's New' covers recent releases from Expeditionary Force
  • Napoleonic French Lancers
  • Napoleonic French Dragoons
  • Napoleonic French Chasseurs
  • War of 1812 American Militia (in civil dress)
  • War of 1812 Royal Marines
  • War of 1812 Highlanders
Plus all the usual readers small-ads and a commercial supplement

Front Cover - shows a couple of unknown - probably French - conquistador figures
Back Cover - Another Atlantic scan


And - of course - it's just over a month to the best Plastic Toy Soldier Show in the world!


Contact details, as always, are . . .

And they are on Paypal

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