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Thursday, February 8, 2018

T is for Two - Novelty Place Marks

In the after-Christmas sales I found a carded set of six young ladies in different coloured bikinis, but there was no price label on them even though they were in the crimbo-clearance zone of John Lewis's new huge aircraft-hanger of a store in Basingrad.

I took it to the till, thinking if it's more than three-quid I won't bother, explained to the checkout-staff-person that it was in the clearance isle, but didn't have a sticker and could she give me a price, which she did "It's eight-ninety-nine sir?" she said, "That's OK" I said, "I'll leave it, thanks!"

As a result I can't show them to you, but then I ran into Peter Evans last week and he thrust these at me . . .

'Her Madge' and a man called Brad in blue trunks! They're not far off the magic 54mm either, although she has more to offer after the addition of a base then he has, he can only peep-over things!

They look to be from the same source as the bikini-girls I saw back at the start of the month, same plastic, same names on the back, same kind of decoration - what else is out there?

Thank you Peter!

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