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Monday, February 5, 2018

T is for Toy Fair '18 Reports - Minichamps

Paul's Model Art of Aachen trading as Minichamps had a huge catalogue with probably over a  thousand offerings, makes 1970's Corgi or Dinky catalogues look like the leaflet's they were!

But it's a different landscape now, with online sales allowing vast numbers of what are mostly just paint-variations of a few basic castings - a production model you have to add to a collecting model that has field of adult collectors who will be trying to buy all Senna, Schumacher or Hamilton-related or all Ferrari or Beneton-logoed examples or all the 1997-grid teams, across the various manufacturers or scales/materials; no one actively tries to get all the Minichamps, or all the Corgi aeroplanes; the odd IT-millionaire maybe!

However, there were a few figures on show, like the Jada Man Bats (sorry - posts out of order now!), just standing next to their 'wheels', but unlike the Jada sculpts, these are plastic and smaller at 1:43rd scale, or O-gauge compatible; equating to 40mm for the 'average' man.

There was also a sub-line of Valentino Rossi models in various scales and full figurines in resin; a line which was not clear from the catalogue, but seems to offer, or be planning to offer figures in 1:8th (nine/ten inches?), 1:12th (six inch) and 1:43rd scales.

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