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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

T is for Toy Fair '18 Reports - Melissa & Doug

Relatively new to me; they joined the tag-list a few weeks ago I think, Melissa & Doug are about thirty-years-old, a US firm; they opened a UK office a year ago and were stalling-out at the Toy Fair.

Their display was mostly craft stuff aimed at youngsters, and I only took the shot because we have been covering paint-your-own here recently (how they snuck into the tag-list), and once the gods have loaded you with a theme, you can but follow it until it runs out!

I didn't shoot the owl as it was very 'infant-toy'-like, so are the dinosaurs really! But fun for the kids, I didn't shoot the horses because . . .

. . . I'd already shot them as a shelfie in TKMaxx after Christmas!

Melissa & Doug have had a set of horses in the past; 'Pasture Pals', but these are simpler sculpts and almost as daft as the dinosaurs! But they're out there, they are figural and they are small scale!

Remember also; Mr. BB  sent us a couple of Shelfies of these before Christmas, so this is tag number 2 for M-&-D!

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