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Saturday, January 6, 2018

12 is for Days of Christmas - Day Twelve

That's it I'm afraid, we've come to the end of the images! On the left of the shelf are a few of the many animals issued over the years, then the Vikings with some of the less common and 'one-off' steckfiguren in front and the big goggle-eyed robots I remember from eggs in the late 1980's

To the right we have a nice tower, a Viking 'egg' and the Afro-Polynesian/Alien-Amerindian eggs! Another set which used the casing as part of the toy, these (the casing sections) tend to have holes, catches and/or slots specific to the contents of each toy so can be much harder to build from odd parts harvested from evilBay.

And - many thanks to Francesco Ferretti for sharing this set of images with the Blog, if you'd like to be swap-mates with Francesco get in touch with me and I'll pass your email on to him.

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