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Sunday, December 3, 2017

U is for Unknown UgL'RG

Not in the Charity shop packs of LRG's we looked at this morning but a purchase from the last Sandown Park toy show; who will go in their - temporary - crate until such time as I get them all out of storage (and married-up), where I know I have a few more of these, a blue one for certain and possibly a green one looking more like Atom Boy or a character from the Godzilla franchise.

Marked China and almost certainly a gum-ball machine prize/toy, I love the salmon-pink colour. Lacking a base, he doesn't have a pencil-top hole either, so - although there's no signs of a loop here - I wouldn't mind a small flutter on his having been available at some point as a key-ring? He may - of course - have been sold as a pencil rubber/eraser?

There are shades of Robocop to his design, but probably more coincidence than any production dating-aid, he's quite recent and - as I hinted at above - if not totally fictional; probably a Japanese Manga/Anime character.

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