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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

S is for Super-Bionicles . . . Not!

Well. It seems we've embarked on a quick pre-Christmas superhero season! These, too, are from Brian Berke, and they're quite cool for what they are, not superheroes, but what look to be quality Bionicle rip-offs and those of you who have followed the Blog for a while will know I consider Lego to be the biggest pirates of all, so I'm always a fan of looks-like-but-isn't legot!

He's not a The Hulk, he's not The Thing . . . he's The Giant . . . a not very jolly looking green giant at that, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Here branded to Ever Bright (Kowloon wholesalers) with a sticker, he is otherwise a completely generic, rack-toy, type chap.

Captain A is for Astral-logo . . . I think we all know who he is really? Red white and blue . . . he's Captain UK . . . err . . . Captain France, n-no . . . Captain Formerly the Russian Federation! I'm joking - even I can see he's Captain Lego-likey!

This is clearly Polymerman! These are (for all my brickbats) very good take-offs of both well-known superheroes and the Bionicle concept and about ten-times cheaper that Bilund's products - I'll bet! Thanks Brian.

Just for the record - Hulk'ing America'n Iron! From China!


Ranalcus said...

It looks quite ok
like some sort of trash made "battle robots"
Yet somehow I feel the quality of the plastic is really, really low

Hugh Walter said...

Well, I've put polypropylene in the tag list as I suspect some 'give', Lego's own Bionicles have similar flexibility so probably a similar polymer, PP holds detail well, but - yes - some of these knock-offs tend to low tolerances at the production stage?

However, the trope with these is that they clip-together trough large ball & socket joints or long'ish rods, so it may well be quite compatible "...with other leading brands"!

Cheers Ranalcus...